What we Offer?

  • Commercial Cleaning Services.
  • Disinfection Services.
  • Cleaning Supplies.
  • Power Washing.
  • Steam Cleaning.
  • Carpet Shampoo.
  • Strip and Wax.
  • Window Cleaning.

Regular Commercial Cleaning Services:

Our regular commercial cleaning services include dusting, sweeping, mopping, disinfection, sanitization of all washrooms, removing and disposing of garbage in dedicated areas, and thorough cleaning of all visible surfaces. These regular commercial cleaning services can be scheduled daily, weekly, or monthly.

Specialty Commercial Cleaning Services
Our specialty cleaning services include power cleaning, steam cleaning, strip and wax, carpet shampooing, window cleaning, high dusting, and cleaning supplies. These services can be add-ons or standalones and can be scheduled on a regular schedule.

Customized Commercial Cleaning Services
We also provide customized cleaning packages to include any combination of commercial cleaning, disinfection services, specialty cleaning services, and cleaning supply delivery to help ensure your facility is always clean, safe, and at its best.

‍Disinfection Services:

There’s always a risk of cross contamination when foreign contaminants are not removed prior to the disinfection process. When it’s not an emergency, we recommend having your facility cleaned prior to the disinfection process.
Once a Facility Pre-Clean has removed all dust and debris, we meticulously sanitize and disinfect high-touch items and surfaces. This process is always done under the supervision of our senior staff to ensure effectiveness.
Add “Fogging” to “Detailed Disinfection” and achieve an extra level of disinfection. This is the most comprehensive disinfection package available. It is also our most popular one and the one we recommend in most cases.
Fogging for when you need a quick turnaround following a suspected exposure at your facility. Fogging is also useful in facilities such as warehouses, where manual surface disinfection and cleaning of shelf contents is not feasible.

Power Washing:

Some particularly stubborn dirt and grime calls for professional-grade high-pressure cleaning power. By using our specialized power washing equipment to blast away all of the foreign matter that has accumulated and caked on over time, we can restore your surfaces to their original pristine condition. The result is a good-as-new surface that gives your facility a remarkably fresh appearance that will last.
Our dedicated cleaning teams and enhanced quality assurance protocol are just two of the reasons our power washing clients keep coming back each time. Whether your facility needs a one-off power wash or a recurring upkeep plan, our flexible and fully customizable commercial cleaning packages allow you to have all of your unique needs met effortlessly. You can also bundle your power washing service with your commercial cleaning package and ask for special savings.

Steam Cleaning:

Keep your space looking clean and welcoming by refreshing your carpets and upholstered surfaces with a regular steam cleaning. By getting deep in between the fibers, steam cleaning provides a thorough clean that eliminates all kinds of dirt, dust, oil, and allergen buildup. Since steam cleaning works differently from regular washing, it also does not leave a residue, meaning all you’re left with is a surface that’s just like new.

Carpet Shampoo:

Regular carpet cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a beautiful, safe, and healthy space. Over time, all kinds of undesirable debris can accumulate between the fibres of your carpet, giving it an aged appearance and creating potential health issues. That’s why we recommend regularly refreshing the carpeted surfaces in your facility with a thorough sh

Strip and Wax:

A fresh strip and wax might be just what your facility’s old floors need to remove dullness, scuffs, and other wear and tear. Polished floors are also protected floors. Renewing your floor’s protective wax coating will ensure that they are not damaged over time and always look sparkling clean, maintaining the aesthetics of your space.

Window Cleaning:

Your windows, both internal and external, are bound to get dirty over time, eventually needing some tender love and care. Keeping your windows sparkling clean is the best way to ensure that those inside can enjoy the view, while potential customers can take a peek inside before making their decision to come in. With clean windows, your facility can always look fresh and good as new, bringing everyone joy and helping your day be a little bit brighter.